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This is a take home pay calculator for individuals employed under PAYE in the UK. Your take home pay is arrived at after many factors have been considered and calculated. Depending on your type of employment, your gross salary for the period is worked out to get your weekly,fortnightly, 4 weekly, or monthly income. Next , the PAYE operator works out the tax and national insurance contributions due from you on this salary VIA PAYE. Tax is a well understood term, you pay taxes to fund the state, to build roads, defence, Infrastructure, public health. National Insurance is intended to fund the Public retirement pot. It is important as you go through your working career to make sure your affairs are right with this contribution.Below is a sample calculation, however the take home pay calculator above will deal with the workings for you. To begin calculating your take home pay; Personal Allowance: First your personal allowance is applied to your income. How this is applied depends on your taxcode from HMRC. Your personal allowance is the amount you are allowed to earn as an individual, before tax is payable on your income, in one tax year. Simply put, the personal allowance is usually divided into 12 parts and applied monthly for people paid monthly. Personal allowance divided into 52 parts and applied weekly for people paid weekly. Personal allowance is applied by deducting the applicable amount of your annual personal allowance from the relevant part of your salary. Under PAYE this process can be a little complicated. However, even if you don't work for the full year, you must still get the full allowance, hence a tax refund is possible. Once your personal allowance has bee applied, other allowable costs such as certain pension payments are taken off, and what remains is your taxable income. tax is applied to your taxable income in bands, for example the basic rate of tax for individuals is 20% , the higher rate is 40% and the additional rate is 45% for folk whose taxable income exceeds £150,000 per annum. National Insurance is levied separately from PAYE over the whole of your salary subject to thresholds and bands different from those used for PAYE. Generally, NIC is charge against income above £149/week. On this page, use the take home pay calculator above to estimate your expected take home pay .
Example: £24,000 / Annum
Monthy Salary: £24,000/12 £2,000
Tax computation
Personal allowance : £833
Taxable income £1,167
Basic rate tax @ 20% £233
National Insurance comp
Income up to Primary threshold £663
Income subject to NIC @ 12% £1,337
National Insurance contribution £160
Net Pay computation
Monthy Salary: £24,000/12 £2,000
Basic rate tax @ 20% (£233)
National Insurance contribution (£160)
Take home pay £1,606
Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure that the calculator yields accurate results, we do not guarantee that it will handle every scenario. This calculator is available to use as is and no warranty explicit or implied is attached to the use of the calculator. Housetracker Ltd Ltd accepts no liability for any loss or injury suffered from the use of this calculator .
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