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This is a pro rata Salary calculator. It helps you calculate your take home pay , where the salary is advertised as a pro rata salary. There a number of factors such as the tax rate, National insurance contributions, the Full salary, the number of hour full time versus the part time hours. Note:This pro rata Salary calculator does not cover scenario's where pro rata refers to shortened working year, 10 month working contract. In such cases, you can ask the employer for the monthly or weekly salary, and use an appropriate calculator This pro rata salary calculator deals soley with PAYE(Pay AS You Earn) taxed employment. As part of the calculations, the amounts due for PAYE, and national insurance contributions by the employee, are also computed. Taxcode:The taxcode as notified by HMRC is not required, however, if you have the taxcode, plug it in and you will get a more exact calculation of net salary. Depending on your type of employment, the pro rata salary calculator works out the gross salary for the period , to get your weekly,fortnightly, 4 weekly, or monthly income. Because your salary is pro-rata, the pro rata salary calculator takes the equivalent full time salary , and reduces it in proportion to the hours you will work. Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure that the calculator yields accurate results, we do not guarantee that it will handle every scenario. This calculator is available to use as is and no warranty explicit or implied is attached to the use of the calculator. Housetracker Ltd Ltd accepts no liability for any loss or injury suffered from the use of this calculator .
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