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This is an hourly wage calculator.It is also ideal as a contractor calculator where the contractors income can be expressed as an hourly rate. The hourly wage rate is converted into data for a 48 week year which allows 4 weeks a year for holidays and other other down time This page is strictly about PAYE(Pay AS You Earn) taxed employment. This hourly wage calculator works out your take home pay based on your hourly rate. Depending on your type of employment, your gross salary for the period is worked out to get your weekly,fortnightly, 4 weekly, or monthly income. All the workings are based on PAYE .
Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure that the calculator yields accurate results, we do not guarantee that it will handle every scenario. This calculator is available to use as is and no warranty explicit or implied is attached to the use of the calculator. Housetracker Ltd Ltd accepts no liability for any loss or injury suffered from the use of this calculator .
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